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Debora A. Atzori

Debora A. Atzori

Deborah was born in Italy on the Island of Sardinia. She came to know her Savior after a time of searching for truth while in the Hawaiian Islands. Her life dramatically changed the fall of 1977, on Kahului, Maui, Hawaii, when she had an encounter with the Living Elohim. She was called to be a missionary. She left the church she had been attending in 1980 and joined a Spirit Filled Fellowship. She has been involved in helping pioneering several fellowships in the Hawaiian Islands and in Saipan, Micronesia. For a season she was used by Yahweh as an assistant pastor, in the Island of Lanai. But she sensed the call to move away from pastoring and to do Radio Ministry, Women Ministries, and Para-Ministries.

She has been faithful to do so, and soon after she left the ministry in Lanai, Hawaii, she ministered on Radio in Monterrey, California, later on also in Portland, Oregon, and finally on streaming at LeSea Radio Broadcasting. Deborah has also ministered in Canada, Tahiti, Philippines, and Christmas Island, and in some states in America.

Several years ago she discovered her roots and became a Torah Keeper. She loves to preach and teach on the Feasts of Yahweh and on all the Scriptures. She is also an author and has written her autobiography, The Mud, The Diamond, The Glory, and a Women’s Devotional called Strings of Pearls. Both books are available on Amazon and some other bookstores.

Deborah is preparing to go overseas again in the near future, but she is also available to minister now in America. She is used prophetically and in healing. She has a special anointing to help women to be able to conceive and have children simply by praying and the laying on of hands. Her call is to save the lost, and to bring healing to the body, soul, and spirit. Her preaching has been described as dynamite and nitro-glycerin! She is a powerful anointed speaker. She can be contacted here.olive-tree